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Mission Plastic Free

Plastic is one of the biggest threats and challenges of our times. Every minute an equivalent of a dump truck full of plastic is entering the ocean. Beach Cleaner is a movement created by committed activists, ocean lovers and supporters who collectively fight ocean pollution and set a good example by their changed way of conscious living. Raise the awareness about a healthy ocean and our environment.

The initiative aims for

- Paying more attention to ocean pollution and recognizing the danger that threatens not only the oceans, but our lives on earth

- Spreading the word on plastic-free living and marine conservation

- Saving ressources of our planet, for our own health as well as for the future of humanity

- Creating examples of living in harmony with nature and sustainably influencing our environment

Meet Beach Cleaner Founder Anne Mäusbacher

  • Back in the 90ties Anne joined her first reef and beach clean-ups on a wonderful coconut palm tree island, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia, where she ended up to stay a couple of weeks. The Perhentian Islands were once home to a significant green and hawksbill sea turtle nesting population.
  • In 2015 she traveled with her little family to the magnificent island Ibiza and they found too much plastic trash floating in the sea and on beaches. She was shocked that nobody seemed to care about it and started to clean up every day, where ever they spent the day – and her initiative was born overnite.
  • Inspired by this experience, she has done an international management and leadership training (MOOC ML 2015) about the effects of Marine Litter (a program run by the UNEP and the Open University of the Netherlands).
  • In 2017 she has put the learnings in her book and education programm Kids for the Ocean about marine litter including alternatives to plastic.
  • Where ever she is, Anne strives collecting plastics at beaches in hope for a better marine life – a better planet –  a better future.
Anne Mäusbacher

Anne Mäusbacher

Founder of Beach Cleaner

Sustainability Experiences | Circular Business Models @adidas & Author of KIDS FOR THE OCEAN. Founder of beach cleaner and Co-Founder of RE:NUE. Looking for regenerative ocean concepts & systems.