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Project Seacap
July 1st – 10th
Adriatic Sea, Croatian Coast

We all love the sea with all its beauty and just want to make a little contribution to keep it as beautiful and unique as it is. The project idea is to collect a little bit of plastic, fill our sailing caps and see how much plastic we will end up with. The result was alarming: we’ve collected a lot of plastic parts that have been floating in the sea for many years, not only drinking bottles and bags but also industry equipments and parts. Overall, collecting plastic trash is one part – avoiding them entering the oceans is a must.

We’ve also met local people running initiatives and projects with a lot of enthusiasm and amazing ideas. Their works should really be supported!

„The awareness about plastic trash is high of course. But we still need to keep on moving. If one person fills his „cap“, it’ll make a little difference, if everybody does it, the impact on clean sea will be significant bigger“

Project SEACAP – Juli 2022