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Expedition Blue Ocean is a open platform that connects the most passionate stories around our oceans with the most exciting and ambitious environmental projects on the planet. The ultimiate goal is to promote international understanding and raise awareness for clean sea and clean energy.


Since the beginning of time, we have been connected to the sea. Some live by it, others simply enjoy the beauty of the endless blue. The liquid element connects us without boundaries and sparks a unique passion in so many. And passion for a cause set the basis for commitment to its protection – as true to the timless message of Prince Albert I. “I encouraged people to know, love and protect the oceans“.


In 2022, the Expedition Blue Ocean is everyone’s platform to express the personal connection to and for our oceans as EXPEDITION AMBASSADORs. From professional seafarers to children learning to sail, from fishermen to fusion reactor scientists, from lifeguards to rescue helicopter crews, from navy sailors to NGO-supporters, from ocean swimmers to marine museum directors, from windsurfers to offshore wind farm operators and many more.




In 2022, different Expedition Blue Ocean sailing yachts and their crews will meet around the globe the Expedition Ambassadors personally to gain deeper understandings and promoting their projects and initiatives.


On the May 14, the GOST flag ship will leave port for the North Sea exploring the most ambitious CLEAN ENERGY wind park projects, meeting helicopter crews flying in every weather situation on supporting and rescuing missions as well as encoutering the most recognized artificial intelligence specialists and NGO’s, who are engaging in worldwide CLEAN SEAS projects.


In a full year, many will make a small but very important contribution to achieving a big goal. This will also serve symbolically to engage and motivate the key players in the field of marine ecology and economy in a dialogue to gain an even better understanding of the major challenges we face in relation to nature and the sea, and to take concrete action by putting the sea at the heart of our development paradigm.


Inspired also by GOST Expedition Navigators Heritage and the remarkable example of Prince Albert I, Expedition Blue Ocean will serve as a platform to bring together the stories and thus promote international understanding, knowing that this has always been the basis for peaceful coexistence between peoples.

Expeditions as an instrument to create international understanding and people's diplomacy

The Expedition Blue Ocean is organized by Global Offshore Sailing Team (GOST), an international group of dedicated sailors comprised of members from all over the world. GOST which navigates on oceans worldwide and in which many teammates have naval backgrounds, have made it a priority to keep naval traditions alive and to use expeditions as instrument for the creation of international understanding and peoples’ diplomacy.

Expedition Ambassador

In addition to many partners already on board, such as the Channel Dash Memorial Trust, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Asociación para la Investigación y Difusión de la Historia Naval de Cuba, Beach Cleaner or the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, anyone can become an ambassador themselves. The expedition serves as a platform for all crews at sea and supporters in ports to enthusiastically promote the beauty of our oceans and their passion for it. It will raise society's awareness of the importance and fragility of our planet's marine ecosystem in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Viewers around the world can follow the stages, stories and events on the internet and social media. The organizers look forward to receiving Ambassador applications. Please get in touch with us uding the formular below.

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